The Book Repair Series of workshops is designed for librarians, archivists, or private individuals who would like to know how best to repair damaged items in their collection.  Many techniques will be covered, but mastery will take time and practice.  Students are encouraged to rent studio space after taking the workshops to practice the techniques taught.

Bookbinding I is not required for Book Repair I, but IS a pre-requisite for Book Repair II and III.

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Book Repair II:
This workshop focuses on intermediate level book repair techniques.  Students must have completed Book Repair I and have basic binding experience.  The techniques taught will be how to fill a loss in paper; corner covering techniques; corner repair with new cloth or tissue, re-backing on the book; guarding signatures; attaching loose signatures; modified re-casing; and how to make a four-flap enclosure.

Book Repair III:
This workshop focuses on advanced techniques of book repair.  Book Repair II is a pre-requisite for this workshop.  Techniques taught will be sewing on a new endsheet; re-sewing a broken textblock; re-backing off the book; and making a corrugated clamshell box.