ABAC will partner with literacy organizations, community groups, and primary and secondary schools to provide bookmaking workshops in the community.

Workshops are pre-structured, age-appropriate programs to be held offsite for 3 or more students. Each class is generally about 3 hours and can be scheduled mornings, afternoons, or evenings. Outreach classes are appropriate for school groups (i.e. AISD, private schools, home school groups, college classes) as well as community groups. Fees are determined on a per student basis.

Examples of workshops:

Hand Papermaking
Students will learn about the two thousand year history of papermaking by making their own sheets of paper. After immersing fibers in a vat of water, students will learn to “couch” a sheet with a mould and deckle.

Students will learn a number of basic bookbinding techniques and will complete at least three structures.

Letterpress Printing
Students will learn the basics of setting type by hand, the method of printed communication used for centuries. Together they will set a small poem or quote, proof the text, ink up the tabletop press, and print a small edition.

Please contact amanda@atxbookarts.org for more information.