Austin Book Arts People finally have a home

ABW tompoynerPeople have been meeting to create books under the auspices of Austin Book Workers since 1986. The ABW group met in schools, libraries, businesses and homes. From 1990 – 2013 a free book arts fair was held annually; for the first two years at Murchison Middle School, thereafter at Laguna Gloria Art School. Rollin Polk and Tom Poyner demonstrated letterpress printing at ABW book Arts Fair at Laguna Gloria Art School.

april 2009 zines

ABW bibliophiles of all ages made Zines with Anne Rita Taylor at Domy Books.

After years of searching for a meeting place, Austin Book Workers group has merged with the Austin Book Arts Center. Book Arts people will be able to create more than they could in a limited time, in a borrowed space. Heavy equipment that could not be carried to borrowed spaces is now available at the Austin Book Arts Center. NOW is an excellent time to sign up to be a member of Austin Book Arts Center.

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